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How to Verify Your Facebook Account-Facebook Asking to Confirm Identity-Identity Not Confirmed [Solved]

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For me, "Facebook is the reason, why being single isn't so boring".Though it's a time waster of my life I can't even imagine a day without it.Everything in my life is going fine until Facebook locked my account temporarily.At that time I don't even know what to do.They asked me to verify my identity by using any one of three given methods.I failed to verify my account in all the three chances they given to verify my account.After Two days I verified my Facebook account successfully.I followed the below steps to verify my facebook account.facebook asking to confirm identity follow these

Why Facebook locks your account?

Facebook wants to provide their user a great experience so they are more concern about security.Whenever they found any suspicious activity on your account they locked your account temporarily.Below are the few  reasons why facebook locked your account 
  • Using Multiple devices.
  • Typing incorrect password continuously.
  • Someone tries to login in your account.
  • Hacked your account and do some malicious activity.
  • Phishing-Some websites asked to type password and username of facebook.When we click it a new pop-up window will open, there you will find a window same as facebook home page.This kind of pages is not actually Facebook's home page they are designed like facebook home page to stole our usernames and password luckily if facebook will find such kind of activity it temporarily blocks our account.
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How to verify your locked facebook account

When Your account is locked facebook shows "Your account has been temporarily locked".Now you need to verify your identity.To verify your identity press continue.

Facebook provides 3 ways to verify your identity.First one is to verify your friend's photo, the second one is to find the comment you posted recently and the third one is to find the message you  send recently
If you failed in all these three verification methods facebook shows "Identity not confirmed-we currently can't verify your identity.Please try again later".If you received this don't be panic they will give you another chance within 48 hours or for someone it takes 4-5 days to verify their facebook account.If you don't get another chance within one week you need to submit Your ID proof to facebook in this link.However, lots of people don't like to submit their ID I recommend them to wait for few days to get another chance.

Tips to easily clear the facebook verification - Facebook asking to confirm identity
identity not confirmed

  • Avoid using mobile App instead use mobile browser
  • For PC users use SAFARI browser
  • Avoid making mistakes while verifying your account.
  • While verifying your facebook account ask your friend who is in your facebook friend list to be with you.Because, when you choose to verify using Find Friend's Photo Facebook will show a picture of your friend and you should tell whose photo is that from the given option.If you have your friend with you, he can visit your profile to search the given option in your friend list and easily verify your identity.This will be useful only if your friend list is made visible.
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How to avoid Locking of your Facebook account in future

If you know more tips to verify facebook account or you are having trouble to verify your facebook account, do let us know via comments.If you like this post share it with your friends using the share button and subscribe our blog for more such updates.



  1. Hi! I just have some questions.
    First why is it important to:
    -Avoid using mobile App instead use mobile browser
    -For PC users use SAFARI browser

    My account was locked and has the same message "Identity not confirmed", I first saw it on my mobile app so basically I used my app to try recover it but it says the same thing, I tried what you adviced to do which it to use mobile browser and on Pc to use safari, but same thing happened its still "Identity not confirmed". Is there anything else that I can do to recover my account? Thank you and have a blessed day!

  2. i could not verify my account even i download safari and open it