Saturday, 11 March 2017

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15 Useful Google URLs Everyone Should Know

Google isn't just a search engine.It's a digital portal which provides so many services that we don't know.Google has become a vital part of our digital life So, it is essential to know some of the useful google URLs which will make our experience with google more better.There are lots of google URLs which helps us in many ways like some of these links will reveal everything google knows about you and some links will help us to use google in an efficient manner.

Useful Google URLs

Here are the list of 15 useful URLs

Google Passwords
Google Passwords stores the username and passwords that we have typed in google chrome and our android device for logging in to several websites like facebook etc..

You can also view the password in plain text by using Google password manager.  

Google Alert
Google Alerts is one of the best services by google that every blogger will love.It helps us to get an email alert whenever any new thing such as blog post, article, and magazines is submitted on the topics we want.

For example, I usually post about SEO so it's my duty is to keep upgrading new search engine optimization techniques.As most of us know google keeps on upgrading its optimizing method, How would I aware of those things?. Google provide a solution for it.just go to google alert and type the things which you want to get alerts on.Google will inform you whenever a new post or article is submitted on that topics.

Google Takeout
Google Takeout is one of the best services that everyone should use.From Google takeout, we can export all our data from google.We can download google photos, Contacts, YouTube videos and much more things from google.

Google Shopping
How many of you Know about Google shopping?.It's a price comparison service by google which compares the price of the product on different online shopping websites.It will be very helpful for online buyers to compare the price and grab the best deal.

Google Fonts
Google fonts are the largest collection of fonts families.Google Users are able to use those fonts on their websites or blog by using its relevant HTML code provided by Google.
We can also use it for our personal use by downloading it.

Google Ads Settings
Google is more concern about what kind of google ads should be shown to you.Google creates a personal profile for you based on your interest, age, and sites you visit.Based on that they show ads for you.To know what kind of ads google wants to show you just visit this link.You can change your ads interest in this link.

Google Developers
This service from google is for Developers or Programmers.You can find Variety of developer products and tools.Stay Updated on coding world Join google developers through this URL.

Google My Activity
Google My Activity Shows the site you vested and things you searched on google.They Keep data of everything you clicked or watched on google.Clearing browser history only removes local history stored on the computer.To permanently delete your history visit the above URL.

Google Analytics 
Google Analytics is most popular service among the bloggers.It helps us to manage our blog traffics and increase our provides details of our visitors and tells us what they want from our websites.Sign Up for google analytics from above link it is free.

Google Account Inactive
According to google policies, you must log in to your google account at least once in 9 months else they will terminate your account.To avoid such problems visit above link and add a recovery email address or a secondary mail ID so that google will send you reminders to log in to your accounts.

Google Account Security
To avoid hacking and suspicious activity of your account google provides this service.From this URL you can see the device you logged in recently and approximate location of the device but you can't log out from the device.

Google Device Manger
Track the location of your android mobile or to lock your device use this service to know how to use this service  
Read This: How to use Android device manager.

Google AdMob
 Google AdMob is used to monetize our android apps.If you want to earn money from your android app just visit this link and sign up for AdMob account.

Google Adsense
I think most of us know about Adsense.I listed this there because Adsense is the best service provided by google.It helps bloggers to escape from scam monetizing companies and to join trusted google Adsense.

Many top bloggers have told that Adsense is the best monetizing company and they only use Adsense to monetize their blogs.However, is proving to be a strong competitor to Adsense.

Google DMCA

If you saw your web content or your video uploaded on some websites without any permission you can report it to google with this link.

There are lots of URL by google that will be useful.I listed only a few URL which I think more useful to the users.If you know some other URL feel free to share with us in the comment section.
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