Thursday, 2 March 2017


5 Killer Android Secrets That Probably You Don't Know

Things have changed a lot in this 15 years.From playing snake game in Nokia Mobiles to spending hours on Clash Of Clans.

Android has become a new market trend and everyone is bound to it.The main reason behind the success of android is it is an open source and there are tons of apps available for android.

After the arrival of android, our lifestyle has changed a lot.Peoples started doing online shoppings and e-commerce has become a current trend to market your products.

Android is one of the main reason for an increase in users of social networks.Apart from these, there are lots of features in android which we don't aware of.

Below are the some of the android secrets which we don't know.


android's secret games

How many of you aware about there is a secret game inside your android is available only for android versions lollipop and above.It is best-known android secrets.However Lots of people these days aware about this, I added this to the list because it has to be found deep in the android settings.

How to Launch
  • Settings->About Phone->Android Version
  • Click Android Version 4 times or more
  • You will see a lollipop(for lollipop version) just slide it
  • Now you can play the android

messenger basketballmessenger football

Do you know you can play basketball and football with your messenger app? Yes, you heard it right there is a secret game inside messenger app. 
When my friend informs me about this I just ignored him but when he showed me playing the game I was really astonished.
I personally like the Basketball game in messenger app than can challenge your friend and make your chat more interesting.
Though Messenger's secret game loved and played by people, it remains as secret in android because lots of people use different platforms for using facebook.
How to launch basketball and football game in messenger
it's simple to play these games in messenger.Just send a football or basketball sticker to any of your friends and tap two or more times on the sticker to play this game.

fb chess
Apart from messenger's game facebook has provided a game for both messenger and PC users.You can play against your friend but CPU option is not available as it's just a basic.

 To play Chess just send "@fbchess play" to your friend.
 Unlike other chess games here you should type the command to move your pieces.
To move a piece you should type "@fbchess" space and the piece code followed by place code.You can find the place code easily in board
Piece Code is as follows
  • K-for King
  • Q-for Queen
  • B-for Bishop
  • N-for Night
  • R-for Rook
  • P-for Pawn
Example: If I want to move Queen to C7 just type"@fbchess Qc7".
For more commands type "@fbchess help"

Speed Up Your Android Without Any App

Speed up your android
One of the most common problems faced by android users is Speed of  Android System gets reduced.To speed their android users install apps like Clean Master.However, it just removes waste files and close background apps to speed the system apart from these there is another way to speed your device which this app can't do.

 To Speed Up Your Android System Manually
      • Go to settings->About Phone->Tap Build Number three or four times
      • Go back
      • Press Developer Options 
      • Scroll down 
      • Change Window animation scale, Transition scale, and Animator duration scale From 1x to .5x(point five x)
      • Now your phone will work faster than before.

Android device manager to locate your device and lock it

Android device manager
Missing our mobile phone is one of the biggest problems we faced on that day.Luckily Google has a solution to help you in this situation.

With Android device manager you can able to ring, lock, locate, and erase your phone.By default, you can only, ring and locate your mobile.

For full features follow these steps
  • Go to Settings->Security
  • Open Device Administrators
  • Check box the Android Device Manager
  • Press Activate 
Make sure your phone is connected to the internet and your location is turned on.Every Android Users should aware of this secret in android mobile to avoid theft etc.


Above are some of the android secrets and features that I know.If you know about some other android secrets please feel free to share with us.

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